Every Online Journey Starts with the First Post

About once a month, I’ll add some news here. I insist on enjoying my work, since that leads to better work, so the news will include an occasional attempt at humor while describing issues related to writing, technology, and some occasional meandering. Some of the news will be a little personal, but that’s an advantage of working with a small company like WordShop. You get to know the person who owns the company. Customer relationships are more than something I learned in a recent seminar. It’s something I’ve enjoyed for decades.

In this first news post, I’ll mention that the company WordShop Services now exists in St. Paul, Minnesota. I now have the right to struggle with many other small business owners. I’m optimistic enough that this business will work. Fundamentally, I’ve helped people with technology for about two decades, and I love helping people get past instructions and onto solving problems using technology–instead of with the technology. I’m also used to a challenge, after running a few marathons and long cycle trips. That’s enough about me. If you want to see more, have a look in the About page of this website.

When I set a goal, I like to have a short and long-term plan. My short-term plan is to get a client or two. That’ll likely be from a Grand Opening Sale, which I’ll describe in an upcoming news post. My long-term plan makes it almost impossible for this business to fail. I recently turned 50 and have been thinking about retirement more than before. My main thought is that I will resist retiring with all the force I can conjure. I love being active, intellectually and physically, so the thought of a low-key retirement makes me want to run, a marathon at least. With this long-term goal, it will be hard for this business to fail. Even in the worst of scenarios, I will learn how to work with some clients. I’ll always improve that work and continue it all when I retire. That’s enough about long-term goals, I better get back to the short-term goal, of getting the business started and finding my first client or two.

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