Note: This site is now only used for samples of Steven Malikowski’s writing,
with no information being added. The post “All Good Things” explains more.


Thanks for stopping by. WordShop Services quickly creates high-quality writing. The quality and speed come from 20 years of experience with technical writing, research reports, grant proposals, and blog posts.

Steven Malikowski is the primary writer, but his experience allows him to draw on the expertise of past colleagues and current contacts. His writing has led to:

  • Grant proposals that have led to a half million dollars in funding
  • Articles published in rigorous academic journals
  • Online help that is focused and clear, following the standards from businesses like Google and Microsoft
  • Blogging for diverse groups
    • Staff and users at the University of London Computing Center
    • Cyclists and others interested in cycle tours
    • Writers interested in practical applications of common writing guidelines

The list below contains a summary of this website.

  • News: Current issues in writing that could clarify current issues in writing, create questions to consider, and hopefully, add a joke or two in the process
  • Writing Samples: Writing samples from Steven Malikowski, including grant proposals, technical writing, research reports, and blog posts
  • Teaching Samples: Steven has taught workshops and classes since 1997, which has influenced his writing
  • About: More information about Steven
  • Contact: An online form to contact Steven


All Good Things…

The title of this post is more than cliché or a good Star Trek episode, from The Next Generation. This blog has been inactive for a long while and will be for the foreseeable future. I enjoyed my attempt at freelance writing, but the allure of a regular job became appealing. I’m keeping this site […]

How Technology Has Not Changed

A professor once told me, “If you want things to stay the same, there will have to be some changes.” Technology isn’t mentioned in that phrase, but it hardly has to be. It’s one of many pithy quotes about technology’s ongoing change. We’ve come to expect that, but fewer of us get excited about it. […]

Lessons from Getting Lost while Driving

The start of 2016 has special meaning for WordShop Services, since the business is starting this year. In the spirit of starting anew, this blog entry will describe how I start writing online help. Most of us have heard the phrase that we need to analyze our audience when writing, but we hear less about […]